Migratory Band


The Migratory Band was a Deep Listening study group created during my initial study of Deep Listening to migrations. My collaborators were Deniz Ertan, Ron Herrema and Sally Hossack. Further collaborations expanded with Inês Amado, and this project expanded as “Networked Migrations: listening and performing the ‘in-between’ space”, a series of telematic performances. Visit the dedicated website for Networked Migrations.

These are the original soundings with the Migratory Band:

Dream Camp 2011

Letters and Bridges 2011

Recipes 2011

Chaos and Control 2011

Deep Listening teachings were incorporated in the band’s practice, connecting us with our outer and inner sonic environments, opening space to listen to and express our feelings towards distant and close places, languages and people; we follow text scores created specially for the band, exploring feelings between space and time. What does it sound like? Edward Said describes the vision of people in exile as ‘contrapuntal’, having ‘an awareness of simultaneous dimensions’. I might say the Migratory Band not only sounds contrapuntal, but that it has a texture that holds and transforms feelings. Members describe the experience as one of being present, with the opportunity of bringing the past as an essential memory that is invoked in the present and nourishes the future.

All the workshops I offer can join the performative practices of the Migratory Band, and being the seeds for more Migratory Bands!