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Affective Listening in Berlin. May 12-14, 2017


Affective Listening was an amazing two-day immersive experience of giving time and attention, curated by Berit Fischer as part of her PhD Research. I have the pleasure of leading this weekend with Berit Fischer, and Thirsty Moon/Ying Le (CN/NO/DE), in the Errant Sound Art Project Space, Berlin. We engaged with 9 participants who fully engaged in Deep Listening and a Tea Ceremony, exploring Affective Listening. Also, on Friday, I was invited to offer a talk about my research in Telematic Sonic Performance and Migration, opening avenues for the next steps. Thanks to all, and my best to Berit with her research!

Here I am sharing the invitation by Berit Fischer:

You are invited to a two-day immersive experience aiming to explore the relation between the micro and macro dimensions of human agency, and test whether changes in the individual can trigger changes in the collective. It furthermore questions the idea of ‘Selbstverortung’ (positioning of the self), and reflects on how one receives and acts upon the world as an affective being. Can the (social) body be decolonised, de-subjectified and propelled to a new subjectivation through creating heightened awareness and critical consciousness in both the individual and collective bodies?

“Affective Listening” is a concept and holistic methodology by Berit Fischer that works between action and reflection, in which the cognitive reciprocally intertwines with the non-semiotic, the sensual and experiential. Can “affective listening” be a practice for agency? Can we share a code of collectivity? How can an art space be embodied? What kind of knowledge and new codes can affective listening produce?
The two days will experiment with creating alternative realities through embodied and sensual exercises, along with theoretical readings and dialogue, exploring resonance and “Affective Listening.”



Suelo Fértil [Fertile Soil] Performance Telematico Sonoro


Image by Ximena Alarcón

suelo fertil A4H

Image by Yesica Barrera

May 11th , 11am a 12m (Hora Mexico)

5pm a 6pm (Hora Londres)

Un Performance Telemático Sonoro: una improvisación en vivo entre 4 mujeres en Londres, 3 en México y 1 en Linz, explorando ideas de migración, y sentido de pertenencia a un lugar. 

Liderado por Ximena Alarcón para el Foro Arte en Tránsito organizado por UNESCO, Mexico City.

Performers Conversación: Ana Cecilia Medina, Gabriela Gordillo, Jazmín, María Ponce, Miho Hagino, Sol, Yasmin Kuymizakis, Yesica Barrera

Esta improvisación telemática invita a cultivar un diálogo virtual de palabras, voces y sonidos entre mujeres migrantes en México y el Reino Unido, que nutra un suelo fértil para habitar en contextos migratorios.

En un proceso de reflexión personal y colectivo, a través de Internet, ocho mujeres migrantes en México, el Reino Unido, Austria y los Estados Unidos, han trabajado durante un mes la Escucha Profunda (Deep Listening) incluyendo la escucha a sus sueños, memorias, cuerpo y el ambiente que las rodea. De esta manera ellas han reconocido los vastos territorios en los que habitan y cómo éstos se conectan con su ser interno, trascendiendo identidades y el sentido de pertenencia a un lugar, escuchando la rica complejidad que se genera a través de tiempo, espacio y memoria, en la experiencia migratoria.

Utilizando sonido binaural, y conexión de audio bi-direccional, el performance conectará a través de Internet espacios físicos, en Ciudad de México, Londres y Linz, desde donde las participantes compartirán los espacios descubiertos con la audiencia y explorarán de manera creativa condiciones para fluir, respirar y expandirse de manera fértil.  Apropiando acciones y espacios sonoros de incertidumbre, certeza y riesgo, ellas serán acompañadas por otras mujeres presentes en la audiencia como expresión compartida de la condición migratoria.

En Londres el performance se llevará a cabo en CRiSAP a las 5pm (hora Londres) y es co-producido por Holly Ingleton. En Mexico el performance se llevará a cabo en la Plaza de las Artes del CENART a las 11am (hora Mexico). En Internet, el performance se podrá escuchar en vivo via Resonance FM.

Suelo Fértil es parte del Foro “Arte en Tránsito” y comisionada por UNESCO México, en colaboración con CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) – London College of Communication, el Center for Deep Listening (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy), Resonance FM, Soundjack, y el Centro Nacional de las Artes (CENART).

La improvisación será transmitida en vivo a través de Resonance FM.

Slowing Down: dislocate, listen and connect


Illustration by Shubika Malara

As a CRiSAP member I was awarded a place on the Srishti Interim artistic residency at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India, from Nov 23rd to Dec 19th, 2015. I had the pleasure to work collaborative with BA Creative Design students and with Aileen Bailey, a member of Srishti Faculty. They all engaged in the workshop Slowing Down: dislocate, listen and connect.

Slowing Down, was a workshop for creative collaborative process that invited fourteen students from Srishti to reflect on connections to the self, to the others and to the environment, and engage them in Deep Listening practice and collaborative creation of dislocated and improvisatory telematic sonic performances in Bangalore. Through slowing down, students questioned how the sounds of the city respond to their listening experience, how their voice and words resonated within the urban space, how dislocation sounds in Bangalore and how creatively, using telematic technologies, they could invite audiences to slow down, dislocate, listen and connect.


Practicing Deep Listening at Srishti



Photo composition made by Srishti students from listening and recording at SFS Parks at Yelahanka

Dislocation was understood as a creative force to stimulate new narratives and statements of being and place.


Photo by Nynha da Cunha

After three weeks of a creative process, students created the improvisatory telematic sonic performance “Bangalore: Aural Transitions”. 

Bangalore: Aural Transitions


Email advertising, posters and branding created by Srishti students

The performance was composed by four short performances which were linked in a specific order to respond to the question:

“As the city of Bangalore transforms from the garden city to the silicon valley, it is interesting to ask ourselves  at what cost are we developing and in what ways could this development benefit? what have we lost in this transition of the city and what have we found?”

The Journey of Life (Dev Valladares, Nijhal S. Majithia, Nynha da Cunha, Pearl D’souza) A narrative that finds correlations between a journey in a train & metro and the journey of our lives, from start to end, from birth to death.

Augmented Reality (Biswajit Abhijit Guha, Ines Barros, Saumya Grover) A performance that lets the audience experience Lavelle Road in its entirety: honks, screech, pub music and all. Let us see this place together.

Hectik (Aayush Wykes, Jayesh Joshi, Nishita Mudaliar, Mohammed Chiba) A performance that captures the evolution of Yelahanka by comparing and mixing the sounds that are organic and inorganic through yuxtaposition.

Harmonic Bangalore (Aparna Hedge, Karina Shantilal, Shubhika Malara) The objective is to look at this undeniable dichotomy: of the con-existence of city’s green and grey areas and then to present it through a sonic experience.

The locations used were:  a ‘private’ sound controlled space (sound studio) at N5 (the new Srishti Campus), and a classroom where the audience was invited, in the Old Campus. Students used Jacktrip software for the bi-directional audio streaming connection.  In the first space they used an omnidirectional microphone (H4N) and headphones to listen; in the second space we used one cardioid microphone and four loudspeakers. The audience included Srishti students and staff members.


Bangalore Aural Transitions, Telematic Sonic Performance by Srishti students, connecting N5 and Old Campus

Listen to an excerpt of Bangalore: Aural Transitions

The performance was documented in video and sound by students and by the Srishti Interim documenting team.

Srishti-Interim is built into the curriculum to encourage talent through an open-ended framework for learning by engaging with contemporary artistic practices. Contemporary artists from all over the world are invited to participate in the Interim.

More information about Srishti:

Breakdown Break down – London and Lumsden (Scotland)

“How can we build up a culture of survival in the face of climate breakdown?”

This is the question proposed by Brett Bloom for his Breakdown Break Down initiative. This past summer I had the pleasure and the challenge of engaging in this project together with the organisers Brett Bloom, Sam Trotman and Nuno Sacramento. I was facilitating Deep Listening practice in two contrasting spaces: Toynbee Studios in London and Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden.


Photo by Oliver Rudkin in Arts Admin Blog

I worked with and learnt from incredible people committed to feel the space, as it is, with the challenges that it brings. We had an awareness of London as a megacity asking us on one hand to speed up, and to be ‘contactless’, but on the other hand offering social spaces that defy those strong narratives of consumerism, reminding us of our relationship with nature(s). We visited Brunel tunnel, a memory of industrialisation; kayaked in the Thames and learnt all the ‘components’ of the river’s water; amazed with Hackney City Farm, a memory of rural life, and letting ourselves be with the cool wind of a six floor building roof terrace, just listening.


Photo by Oliver Rudkin in Arts Admin Blog


Photo by Oliver Rudkin in Arts Admin Blog

In Lumsden, we shared the space in a camp style. The brave ones slept in tents facing the changing weather, wind, sun and rain. We learnt about permaculture, foraging, authentic Finnish sauna’s ancient tradition and ritual, and communicated with horses. We learnt about the qualities of the soil, and how it is linked to our soul.

Screen shot of video by Ximena Alarcón

Photo by Ximena Alarcón

Photo by Ximena Alarcón

Photo by Ximena Alarcón

Photo by Ximena Alarcón

Photo by Ximena Alarcón

The Breakdown break down summer time intensity cannot be fully expressed in a blog post. I feel that this is the beginning of a process that touched deeply each person and that is generating actions of healing in this crucial moment of human history. Personally it nourished deeply my initiative Habitando Suelo Fértil, (Inhabiting Fertile Soil) which invites Colombian women living in the UK to explore space, time and memory through listening to their own migration. In collaboration with Patricia Díaz we envision this process as generating an intimate space for individual and collective healing for our memory and shared history of violence in our common land. Connections between Soil and Soul, a dance between physical and metaphysical realms, nourishes the migratory context exploring connections with native and indigenous lands. Listening to our internal soil quality (body/soul) and improving its conditions in any land where we live could be a key to transcending our sense of belonging and benefiting all generations to which we belong and the ones yet to be born.

Deep Listening at Scotland Scottish Workshop

Becoming Rocks

Becoming Rocks – performance by participants in Deep Listening Workshop

From 29th to 30th July, I had a great experience teaching Deep Listening in Scotland to a group of 10 people at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), a 35 years old public funded space for art and artists. It is the driving alternative creative force in Lunsdon village, one hour north from Aberdeen; the farthest north I’ve been on my life.

SSW is committed to change the world and our oil culture. They are very interested in sustainability and want to strengthen their connections to the land. The Deep Listening workshop was another step in their quest. A wonderful Deep time that strengthened our connections with nature and society, and with ourselves. Thanks a lot to Nuno Sacramento and Brett Bloom for organising this workshop. Thanks to all the participants who were committed during two full intense days to listen deeply.

This workshop was commissioned by the Deep Listening Institute.