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Points of Listening

As part of the CRiSAP initiative Points of Listening I led a 3 hours Deep Listening workshop in the Swiss Church, in January 8th, 2014.

“‘When you listen, something will happen’ is one of the many intriguing invitations that Pauline Oliveros, composer, educator, humanitarian and creator of the Deep Listening practice, makes to her students. PoL (Points of Listening) invites you to experience your deepest point of listening, as an inner departure to explore your sonic Universe and embrace it.”

Many participants were amazed with the original experience. The space has a very reverberant acoustic space. Someone wondered if the workshop was about ‘listening’ or about ‘interacting with each other’. Listening has wider manifestations that challenge our ideas of where processes start or end. This experience continues amazing me.

Original post and documentation:

Points of Listening - Swiss Church, London

Points of Listening – Swiss Church, London