Affective Listening in Berlin. May 12-14, 2017


Affective Listening was an amazing two-day immersive experience of giving time and attention, curated by Berit Fischer as part of her PhD Research. I have the pleasure of leading this weekend with Berit Fischer, and Thirsty Moon/Ying Le (CN/NO/DE), in the Errant Sound Art Project Space, Berlin. We engaged with 9 participants who fully engaged in Deep Listening and a Tea Ceremony, exploring Affective Listening. Also, on Friday, I was invited to offer a talk about my research in Telematic Sonic Performance and Migration, opening avenues for the next steps. Thanks to all, and my best to Berit with her research!

Here I am sharing the invitation by Berit Fischer:

You are invited to a two-day immersive experience aiming to explore the relation between the micro and macro dimensions of human agency, and test whether changes in the individual can trigger changes in the collective. It furthermore questions the idea of ‘Selbstverortung’ (positioning of the self), and reflects on how one receives and acts upon the world as an affective being. Can the (social) body be decolonised, de-subjectified and propelled to a new subjectivation through creating heightened awareness and critical consciousness in both the individual and collective bodies?

“Affective Listening” is a concept and holistic methodology by Berit Fischer that works between action and reflection, in which the cognitive reciprocally intertwines with the non-semiotic, the sensual and experiential. Can “affective listening” be a practice for agency? Can we share a code of collectivity? How can an art space be embodied? What kind of knowledge and new codes can affective listening produce?
The two days will experiment with creating alternative realities through embodied and sensual exercises, along with theoretical readings and dialogue, exploring resonance and “Affective Listening.”



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